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                                         Refer a Friend reward Program

                         Take advantage of Leth O’s referral program



Welcome to the Pic-A-Booth Refer A Friend Program. We are thrilled if you’re willing to help us spread the word about Pic-A-Booth PhotoBooth.


If you know of anyone who would find our PhotoBooth useful we will get in touch with them, and would be extremely grateful!... we have created this referral program where we will give you a Prize for each client you refer and get us hired”.



Give us each of your referrals or referrals email and we will send them an awesome quote with a code which will represent you. Once your referral has accepted the quote with a deposit we will issue you with a Reward. It’s that simple; refer them before somebody else does. All you have to do is register with us by giving us your details (name & mailing address) so we start rewarding you. You can register by messing us through our CONTACT page or subscribe to us through our subscription page in our website!subscribe/c1n80 . Once registered we will give you your own unique code so you can be identified. If you have already registered with us you won’t have to do it again :)



1st Client: 1x FREE Event Cinemas 2D Movie ticket

2nd Client: 1x FREE Event Cinemas 3D Movie ticket

3rd Client: 2x FREE Event Cinemas 2D Movie tickets WOOOOOW Awesome


PS: You can only claim rewards once your referred customer has confirmed and paid a 50% deposit. This deal is only running till 15 February 2015


You can either get your rewards through email, or posted to your address. Your reward will have a tracking code so we can make certain you receive the reward. We are looking forward to hearing from you.



Terms and Conditions for refer a friend program

  • You cannot claim a reward unless you have subscribed with us and have a code prior to referring your friend/family or else reward cannot be claimed.

  • Pic-A-Booth Refer A Friend program is where you may earn Cinema gift card if a non Pic-A-Booth customer you refer makes a qualifying purchase with Pic-A-Booth. You must be subscribed a Pic-A-Booth Photobooth to be eligible to earn Pic-A-Booth gift card reward.

  • Pic-A-Booth Photobooth reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Refer A Friend Program either temporarily or permanently (or any part thereof) with or without notice Pic-A-Booth Photobooth will not be liable to you in the event of any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Refer A Friend Program.


Yours sincerely Stacey & Bernardine

                                                               Thank you for your and your time

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