General Questions

  • What area are you located? We are located in Logan Reserve but we are a mobile business and so we do travel Nationwide.

  • Do you have a Facebook Page? Yes we do have a Photography & Photobooth Facebook page..

  • What are your payment options? We only accept online banking deposits or cash before job.

  • Do you accept PayPal? YES we do accept PayPal.

  • How may I contact you? You can call, email or send us a message through our website and we will get back to you A.S.A.P.




  •  How long is a photo-shoot? The Studio takes about 30-80 minutes depends on how many people there are and what style the shoot is. photo-shoots on location can take about 50-110 minutes. 

  • Will I get the photos on a CD? Yes with an additional cost, The CD will have all the photos on with 3 files of the same photos. All the photos on the CD would have been through post production.

  •       -The first file will be sized down photos from the Photo-Shoot so you can upload them on the Internet for your own purpose.

  •       -The Second file will have high resolution photos from the shoot for printing up to A1 posters prints.

  •       -The third file will be normal JPEG photo which you will be able store on your computer, iPad, iPhone ECT..

  •  Do I get anything for FREE? Yes in all our shoots we will include 1x FREE A4 poster of your favourite Picture.  Except in special package deals.

  •  How long until the photos are ready? Once the photo-shoot is over and we are satisfied with all the shots, it should only take us between 2-3  weeks until they are ready to deliver to you. PERFECTION TAKES TIME.   

  •  Can I bring more change of clothes? Yes of course you can bring some extra clothes to the Photo-shoot.

  •  What happens if I lose my photos?  It OK because we store all the photos from the shoots on a storage device and so there is no way you will  never see them again :)



  • Do we get the photos after everything is finished? Yes we will post a CD with all the photos on the template that was printed out at the event. With the photos on the CD you will be able to upload them on the internet for your own purposes.​

  • Will we be able to download the Photos? You can download the photos through our Facebook page. You will have to LIKE the page first in order to download the photos. Once you have liked the page click onto the photo you like and then click on the OPTION tab (bottom of photo), then click on Download.

  • How many photos do we get in the duration of hire? The photos are unlimited for the duration of hire.

  • How long till we get the photo once the photo has been taken? After the photobooth has taken your photo it prints it out straight away.

  • How good is the quality of the photos? The quality of the photos are super awesome, the photos are guaranteed to last 100 years and are water resistant. We use high quality studio equipment to capture that awesome image.

  • What print templates do you have? We have two types of prints, the 4”x6” print and the 2x strip print. We design the prints to your perfection.​

  • What is the delivery cost? Fuel surcharges apply to locations greater than 25Km from Logan Reserve Area.

  • Do we have a Photobooth website? Yes we have a website, please CLICK HERE ti view the photobooth website.