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About Us

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My name is Stacey and I originate from South Africa, and that was where my passion of photography began. In 2007 I use to take outdoor portraits of families especially of kids in our local café. I established the name Leth O’s which Leth is my surname and O” a slang word in South Africa meaning guy" or person”. It’s our way of saying Mate” here in Australia.

My wife Bernardine and I started to do a Photobooth business starting back in 2012. We have then been doing Weddings, Parties and different Photobooth events since. 

Your Guarantee

If you are not satisfied, our job isn't done, and we leave no job unfinished, If not satisfied we offer a 100% money back guarantee

Our Quality For You

We use state of the art equipment that captures the tiniest of details to perfection so your photos will look almost lifelike!", "Our lenses and equipment allow us to get those magazine quality portrait shots.

You Matter To Us

“We believe great service is great for business”

So we built an Event photography and Photobooth business that delivers you outstanding photography with amazing service. We know that capturing your event is important so. Let us help you create those memories that last a lifetime. 

Young Love

We Arrange                                      We Take Photos                       Leave You With Memories

We will arrange Consultations and discuss about the event

We put all our creativity and experience together to make sure your event is captured beautifully

We then leave you with images you can cherish forever; we will also stay in touch to make sure you are satisfied  

ABN: 55392902355

Public Insurance: Protecsure

Blue Card: YES


Meet The Team

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Photographer, co-founder and photobooth operator


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Photographer, co-founder and photobooth operator and awesome Wifey

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Leth O's Crew


Leth O's Adventures

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