Julia Family PhotoShoot

Photographer - Stacey Leth


Thank you  for allowing me to be the lucky photographer to capture these awesome images of your family.


Here are some great images from the photoShoot. I have uploaded ???? Images for you. Please can you select 15x Images and send me the code of the selected photos in the message box on the right. Please remember that all these images are sill RAW and once selected I will then edit them. I will put all the selected photos on a CD. If you would Like some extra Photos it will an additional $30,00. per photo (Normally $40).


The CD

The CD will have all the photos on with 3 files of the same photos. All the photos on the CD would have been through post production.

-The first file will be sized down photos from the Photo-Shoot so you can upload them on the Internet for your own purpose.

-The Second file will have high resolution photos from the shoot for printing up to A1 posters prints.

-The third file will be normal JPEG photo which you will be able store on your computer, iPad, iPhone ECT..


Everything should be ready within 3 weeks after Photos have bee selected.



Please dont forget your login code which is 1134


Thank you :)

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